Reputation for Excellence since 1981

Throughout the process RDM were a pleasure to deal with, always working with the highest integrity and trust with all stakeholders in the project. I cannot say enough good things about them.”

“Working with RDM homes to build our dream home was just that: a dream. The incredible professionalism, focus on details, superior quality, and personal attention we received throughout our process from start to finish and even beyond for follow up on ALL fronts was fantastic. We had our choice of builders and would make the same choice again. RDM's team of contractors and subs are simply the best. We are thrilled with the results and plan to spend many years enjoying the fruits of our labor and RDM's. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Cindy & Adam Muchnick,
Newport Beach CA


“Ihave a construction management company with over 20 offices, so I can give this testimonial for RDM with significant experience of construction and development. Let me start by saying that RDM are an outstanding contractor and client advocate whom I will use on all my subsequent custom residential properties. RDM delivered above my already high expectations on quality, budget and schedule and after completion warranty care.

Everything they said they would do at the initial interview they did so and with great integrity. My biggest concern in building a high end custom was that many such homes take too long and cost too much, unnecessarily so. I address each of the key deliverables by RDM below:"

Finlay Cumming
Cumming Construction Management, Inc.

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Design Integrity and Quality – RDM worked collaboratively with our design team and us to deliver excellent quality with no short cuts, RDM took a holistic view of the project and the results speak for themselves

Budget- RDM aggressively bid out work ensuring that we got the best possible price for our home. This is in contrast to many in custom home builders who don’t go as deep or aggressively with subcontractors and thus cannot get the best price. Also when it came to subcontractors seeking change orders, RDM challenged them and made sure we only paid a fair and reasonable amount, again many others just pass change orders through to owners.

Schedule- RDM built to an aggressive schedule that enabled us to have a house built in 18 months that others were telling us would take 24 months. They did this by proactively working and planning with the design team, subcontractors, city and us, always seeking to move fast but never compromising quality.

Of the three criteria above, RDM was able to do all in balance. Neither quality, budget nor schedules were compromised at the expense of the other.

Throughout the process RDM were a pleasure to deal with, always working with the highest integrity and trust with all stakeholders in the project. I cannot say enough good things about them.

  1. I was blown away by their efforts to enforce contracts. Darrell and Robert went to great lengths on our behalf in contract administration which translated to significant dollar savings for us on change pricing.

  2. The level of their effort was something I have never seen my years from even very large general contractors. Often general contractors act as a pass through for changes the proverbial rubber stamp – the path of least resistance.  RDM invested significant time and effort to make sure that people were only paid what they were entitled too.

  3. What struck me as extraordinary was that they did not just negotiate the adds, but took the time to actually quantify and challenge subs on credits for deleted work. One example was a sub offered a $600 credit, Darrell ended up getting $24,000 from them by contract review and quantity analysis. Now that was exceptional, many of competitors in the owner representative/CM line don’t even go to those lengths. I would never have expected that level of detail from any contractor and I certainly know that the residential guys out there would not know even where to start.

  4. The numbers I got for the quality level are excellent. Part of this was market, but a large part of it was and which is a major reason I selected RDM was that they competitively bid work, again unusual to “competitively” bid work. Many custom guys will bid, but only to a couple of subs and don’t go deep, RDM created significant value.

  5. I have made the decision that I will use Darrell and Robert on Lot 27 along with other projects that I have land banked in OC. When you add the very high level of trust, integrity, creativity on design suggestions and solutions, it makes for me an easy choice to go with RDM. Also have enjoyed working with them, they are professional but are very steady, grounded and easy to work with.

  6. Hope this update helps you with your selection process. If you want to chat about any of this I would be pleased to talk to you”.

    Finlay Cumming
    Cumming Construction Management, Inc.